Teenage Foundry License

Standart License

·1 User 

·2 Computer Installation 

·5 Commercial Project 

·Unlimited Personal Project 

·Non Monetized Social Media 

 (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc) : Unlimited Usage 

·Blog : Unlimited Usage 

·End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merchandise) : 1,000   Sales/Prints/Pcs 

 Forbidden to: 

·Using fonts for Broadcast 

·Using fonts for Cinema/Motion Pictures (Animation) 

·Trademark logo. Please purchase a Trademark Logo License to trademark your logo. 

·Embedding font files in apps/games/e-pub

Extended License (Recommeded)

·Up to 10 User

·Up to 10 Computer Installation

·Unlimited Commercial & Personal Project

·Logo Usage/Logotype

·1 Website

·Monetized Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc) : Unlimited Usage

·Blog : Unlimited Usage

·End Product For Sale (Product/Print Ads/Digital Impressions/Merch) : Unlimited   Prints/Sales/Pcs

·Monthly Webpage Views : Unlimited Views

 Forbidden to:

·Use fonts for Apps/Games

·Use fonts for TV Ads. You Need a Broadcast License for this purpose

·Use fonts for Movies/Motion Pictures. You Need a Motion Image License for this

Worldwide Corporate License

·1 Corporate/Brand

·Unlimited User & Installation

·Unlimited Commercial Project

·Unlimited Web Views

·Unlimited Broadcasting

·Unlimited Social Media & Blog

·Unlimited Apps & Server

·Unlimited End Product for Sale


Please Note!

* You may not redistribute, modify or resell in any way.

* There is no guarantee that all font files can work properly on the program or platform as well as others. However, I will help him to the best of my ability.

* All purchases here are final. There is no guarantee of refund or exchange for other font files. You can get the same font file if there is a download problem or the font file is corrupted.

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